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Service Policy: For All Service Recipients

All service providers at Leaps & Bounds Specialized Programming Service are committed to providing the most effective services possible to children and adolescents who have been diagnosed with autism a nd related disorders.

Please note that Leaps & Bounds provides a service guarantee that all services purchased will be honored (unless specifically addressed in the service contract e.g. short notice cancellation, illness, etc.) and for any hours not provided, by any person on the treatment team, a full refund for that portion of the service contract will be reimbursed to the person/organization that provided the funding. We are unable to reimburse one party for another party’s portion of unused fees.

If there are concerns in regards to the service we welcome parents and other involved professionals to contact us directly to voice the concern as we are very interested in resolving any and all issues to the satisfaction of all parties.

If there are any complaints in regards to the services provided, both of a clinical or administrative nature, we are committed to resolving all complaints in an open and honest manner that best represents quality services to children. If there are complaints in regards to clinical programs, a child’s progress being made, availability of the Service Co-ordinator, attendance of our service providers, the amount of service purchased, or the amount charged for the service, we ask that the complaint be directed to the most appropriate person and/or the person that you feel most comfortable with.

In addition to your direct service provider, our Senior Therapists, Psychologists, Service Coordinators, and the Director of the Service are available to address complaints and will respond in a very timely fashion to any complaint received. Please feel free to contact any Leaps & Bounds person through the number that has been provided to you or through our main telephone number 905 727-2273.

The Director of the Service, Ms. Deanna Pietramala, is available at the number above or at deanna@leapsandboundservices.com

All Leaps & Bounds Services are provided on a fee-for-service basis.

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