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The combination of our premiere program, extensive experience, qualified professionals and dedication to your children makes Leaps and Bounds a leader in Applied Behaviour Analysis in Canada.  Our program has Professionals and Psychologists with over 20 years experience dedicated to helping Individuals reach their maximum potential regardless of their age.

  This program targets the following areas:
  • Readiness skills
  • Negative Behaviours
  • Language skills, both expressive and receptive
  • Age appropriate Cognitive skills
  • Gross and Fine Motor skills
  • Play and Social Communication
  • Self Help skills
  • Toileting Routines
  This program uses the following Teaching Principles:
  • Prompt-fading techniques
  • Discrete trial procedures
  • Task analysis of behaviour
  • Sensory Extinction
  • Data collection
  • Generalization strategies
  • Reinforcement
  • Differential Reinforcement of Communicative Behaviour( DRC)
  • Incidental teaching techniques
  • Shaping strategies
  The A.B.A programming service is developed on an individual basis. An Individual plan is developed with target areas for each child. This service is available either for fifteen or thirty hours per week, in three-hour sessions.

Leaps and Bounds Specialized Programming service provides In-Home A.B.A programs. This program is available for children ages two to twelve years of age. This service can also be provided in daycare centres, pre-schools and schools as permitted by the facility or the Board of Education.

The Program will be reviewed by the Director and area Coordinator of Specialized Programming. The program can also be designed and reviewed by a registered Psychologist whom has extensive training and research in the area of Applied Behavioural Analysis. The Psychologist, Director, Coordinator, Specialists and parents will review all program designs and implementation strategies on a regular basis.

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