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"When our three-year-old autistic granddaughter entered Leaps and Bounds she was unable to talk and was barely conscious of her surroundings. Her deep frustrations found expression in long, heartrending tantrums. In just over a year, in the hands of affectionate, enthusiastic, and well-trained therapists working with conscientious supervisors and expert psychologists she has made great strides in her language and social skills. At school she interacts with other children and adults, and at home she has become a loving member of her supportive family. Working closely with parents the staff responds to the ever-changing needs of each individual child. It is an inspiration to see the school in action. "
- Dr. and Mrs. E., grandparents

"Our youngest son Andrew was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in August 2001, at age 4 years, ten months. He began an IBI program with Leaps and Bounds in September 2001, showing an overall developmental delay of more than 2 years, as wells as many behavioral and attention difficulties. We have been enormously impressed by the skill and professionalism of the therapist at Leaps and Bounds, and overwhelmed by their genuine affection and caring for our child. After 12 months of service, Andrew underwent a full psychometric evaluation at Soldiers Memorial Hospital. The comments from the psychologist speak for themselves:

'On his original assessment of approximately one and a half years ago, Andrew was unable to sit through the assessment or participate on much of the testing, and demonstrated a significant cognitive delay. When seen for the current assessment, Andrew sat for the full 45 minutes needed for the assessment, and participated fully on all tasks. Overall, Andrew demonstrated average cognitive skills with exceptional visual discrimination skills, and somewhat more difficulty in understanding instructions and complex language. Andrew has made tremendous gains over the last year and a half since his previous assessment. He is no longer demonstrating a cognitive delay and was able to participate appropriately throughout the session…It was very exciting to see such a dramatic and remarkable change from the previous assessment. Andrew, his family, and his (Leaps and Bounds) worked should be commended for the fine work they have done in enabling Andrew to achieve at his potential'

In short, Andrew has caught up to his peer group (age 6), with his overall cognitive abilities in the Average Range (53rd percentile) and his Nonverbal Abilities in the Above Average Range (79th percentile). The stress level in our home has been hugely reduced, and Andrew is a happy, pleasant little boy, discovering a whole new world thanks to his Leaps and Bounds worker. Our whole family has benefited greatly from working with Leaps and Bounds."
-Mr. & Mrs. D. Lowrey, Orillia, Ontario

"Deanna and her team of specialists have made a remarkable and enduring difference in our son's life...they have tailored a program designed for his specific needs with well defined goals and frequent updates on his progress...and our son has made significant progress for which we are very grateful...we have recommended their services to other parents of similarly challenged children, and would do so again, without hesitation..."
- Mr. M, Father

"Our son Carter whom has Spastic C.P., Microcephaly and is Developmentally Delayed excelled in many areas with help from this dynamic program... designed for Carter, it focuses on helping him communicate, gain better control of his spastic movements and teaches him age appropriate cognitive skills. With great improvements in just a short time we thank Leaps and Bounds for inspiring us as parents and taking Carter to a higher level."
- Mr. & Mrs. C, Parents

"Deanna Pietramala continues to open doors for my son diagnosed with P.P.D.... (She) has been instrumental in my son's entry into school."
- Mrs. E, Mother

"We found the service provided for our child at school to be extremely helpful. Practical strategies were provided for use at school, which could be put to use at home as well. Therefore, our child and family benefited from the service. Thank-you for the professionalism shown in all environments and with all other personnel involved."
- Mrs. L, Mother

  "My son Christopher is 5 1/2 years old and is diagnosed as serverely autistic. He has been enrolled in the Leaps and Bounds program for about 1 1/2 years now. He had been in Day Care centres, home therapy and regular school with EA's before Leaps and Bounds. Christopher presently receives 40 hrs/week of home therapy through Leaps and Bounds. Although each segment of his education brought little successes, they didn't come without a lot of advocating within the school systems to try to get the educators to understand "how" to teach my autistic child. With the Leaps and Bounds program, I no longer carry the burden of monitoring the educational progress of my child. The Leaps and Bounds team are qualified individuals and experts that know how to teach children with autism and have had a huge impact on Christopher's life as well as the entire family. I cannot imagine what our lives would be like without Leaps and Bounds. Christopher has had huge success within the program and continues to surprise us all with his ability to learn. I was in a constant search to find the "key" that would unlock my son's abilities and allow him to be an interactive part of the family. Leaps and Bounds is the key I was searching for and I am grateful for their expertise and constant diligence to ensure his continued success. The future for Christopher and this family is bright and I can thank Leaps and Bounds for that. "
-Mrs. E

"Connecting with Deanna and the therapists at Leaps and Bounds was definitely a positive move we made for our son Oliver who is Autistic. They customized a wonderful program for him to teach academic, social skills, and play skills. They assisted with his integration into junior kindergarten, supported our family through challenging times and continue to do so."
- Mr. and Mrs. B

"We've seen a lot of encouraging changes in our daughter's social and communication skills since she started therapy. We have complete faith in our therapist, who works with our daughter at her school, and keeps us up to date with regular progress reports."
- Ms. A-Mother

"Over the past 3 years this service has been instrumental in our sons development. Marco has flourished in all areas regarding his P.D.D. He has made tremendous gains... both scholastically and personally. In turn we the family as a whole have gained insight from this service and its programs."
- Mr. and Mrs. D, Parents

"Kim is great with Matthew... firm yet kind. She persists with him until he follows through, then is rewarded and now also better understands consequences. Her approach to teaching is simple, yet so effective and I continue to learn a lot about working with Matthew through her."
- Mrs. R, Mother

"Since starting to work with Leaps & Bounds only one month ago, our 4 year old son Andrew's speech and behaviour has improved faster than we could have ever hoped. With Linda's help, Andrew has made amazing progress. We now believe that at the conclusion of his Leaps & Bounds program, Andrew will be able to attend school without the need of an E.A. We are so glad we found Leaps & Bounds and only wish we had known about this very effective program two years ago."
- Mr. and Mrs. L, Parents

"Accessing the specialized programming service provided by Leaps and Bounds has been one of the best decisions we have made for our son Cody who is diagnosed with PDD. We have been very impressed with his progress in the first two weeks and we are sure that Cody's decision to finally toilet train himself and also being able to sit down at a table for more than five minutes to complete a task can be attributed to the persistence and patience that Niki brings to each and every session. We believe that Cody is more focused on his tasks and that his social communication skills with his peers are also improving. We believe that this specialized program is going to be very instrumental for Cody's entry into school next year. "
- Mr. and Mrs. W, Parents

"Our son was 2 1/2 when he was diagnosed with mild to moderate Autistic Spectrum Disorder. He began his sessions with Leaps and Bounds a couple of months after this diagnosis and we saw positive results within the first month. His program is not based on just one method of therapy but a combination which includes: sensory, language and social. His therapist is highly energetic and focused which appeals to our son's learning ability and her insight and ideas have certainly helped us in continuing her work in our home. We highly recommend this agency to those families who are looking for a complete program for their child."
- Mr. & Mrs. P, Parents