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Our Specialized Programming Service provides In-Home Preschool Programming for children ages one to five and Educational Programming for children five and older. This service provides programming for children with Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Tourettes Syndrome, Developmental Delay, Global Delay, Down's Syndrome, Aspergers, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and any other disorder that affects the child’s ability to process and respond to information. This program targets the following areas:
  • Negative Behaviours
  • Language skills, both expressive and receptive
  • Age appropriate Cognitive skills
  • Gross and Fine Motor skills
  • Play and Social Interaction
The Preschool/Education Programming Service is developed on a individual basis and a Individual Education Plan will be provided for each child. This service is available either for fifteen or thirty hours per week, in three-hour sessions.

If required, an intensive behavioural intervention program can be established to modify inappropriate behaviours that the child may be exhibiting.

A qualified Early Childhood Educator or Child and Youth Work specialist, with experience in programming for children with special needs, will be specifically matched to the child.

The educator, parents and Service Co-ordinator will review all program designs and implementation strategies on a regular basis.